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Sure, I appreciate all the money that's been raised in search of a cure. But I can't be the only one who dreads Breast Cancer Awareness Month and all things Pink.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

When I was in treatment, I noticed a friend wearing a lovely, albeit beribboned, bracelet. Because I admired hers, she gave one to me. I wore it to chemo treatments and fingered the hearts, and they did help me strengthen my resolve to get through this ordeal.

I didn't realize at the time that the 2003 Brighton Breast Cancer Awareness bracelet would become a collectible! On ebay, this limited edition charm bracelet bearing the words "trust", "heal", "courage" on silver hearts now fetches up to $110 ("Buy It Now! $180"). As one seller says, "This is a perfect gift for a Birthday, Mother's Day, a Breast Cancer Survivor, or a Brighton Collector. This is a necessary set to add to any Brighton Collection! " Well! I'm glad cancer has provided someone with a few new collectibles! Perhaps if we lobby hard, McDonalds will make Breast Cancer Happy Meals, and include a whole series of Breast Cancer Barbies or Beanie Babies!

Collect them all, and then sell them to pay your mortgage when you exceed your sick days due to treatment.


At 8:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even illness can become a collectible. Can you imagine The Antiques Roadshow in 2060?


At 8:31 PM, Blogger --Sher-- said...

What WILL that original, autographed edition of "Chicken Soup for the Breast Cancer Survivor's Soul" be worth then?


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