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Sure, I appreciate all the money that's been raised in search of a cure. But I can't be the only one who dreads Breast Cancer Awareness Month and all things Pink.

Monday, October 09, 2006

We're relatively fortunate, as breast cancer patients, to have been diagnosed with such a "popular" disease. Thousands of people have been touched by cancer, and are looking for ways to help.

One such woman publishes a popular website for kindergarten teachers, On her Breast Cancer Awareness page, generously created for the month of October, there is a button linking to the Breast Cancer Site which states, "41,000 women will die this year from breast cancer. All could be saved through early detection through mammograms".

Would the Breast Cancer Site have us believe that if we got mammograms often enough, no one would die from breast cancer? People who care enough to raise funds so that all women can get mammograms surely wouldn't appreciate it if they realized they're being used to spread breast cancer myths as well as awareness.

How many women reading this blog had a clean mammogram just a month before their diagnosis? I guess Breast Cancer Site means EARLY detection. Daily mammograms, here we come.


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